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Step #1

Learn the Basics of The Stock Market to Advance Risk Control and Money Management 

Step #2

Learn All About the Charting and Trading Platform How To Scan for the Best Stocks

Step #3

Complete Two Trading Strategies On When to Enter and Exit Trades with Maximum Profits and Limited Losses

Step #4

Watch Live As We Enter and Exit Trades! See the Strategy Coming to Life


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לערנט אלעס וואס מען ברויך צו וויסן צו מצליח זיין בע׳׳ה אויפן סטאק מארקעט, דבר השוה לכל נפש עצות אין הדרכות מרישא עד גמירא ארויסגעברענגט אויף א זעלטענעם מסודר׳דיגן קלארען ״אידישען שפראך״

12 Hours Stock Trading Course For Just $999

You Will Learn The Following 4 Trading Strategies From Day Trading to Position Trading For Brokerage Account Sizes of $2,500 to $1000,000   


Start A Trading Career With The Account Size Of Your Choice Using One Of Our 4 Trading Strategies From Day Trading To Position Trading!!


We cover Step-By-Step the Basics of the Stock Market to Advanced Order Placements – Watch in Real-Time How We Enter and Exit Trades With "Maximum Profits" and "Minimum Losses"   

You will learn…

  • •  All about the stock market

  • •  The number of shares to trade

  • •  The exact point to go long 

  • •  The exact point to go short 

  • •  What type of order to submit

  • •  When to take profit

  • •  How to place Stop Loss Order

  • •  Which broker to choose

  • •  Best tools to use to execute trades

  • •  Rules to follow in order to succeed

  • •  Step-by-step guide to start trading

  • •  And much much more

Learn How To Spot Profitable Opportunities Each Day Like Below Trades

Profit/Loss Results Last 4 weeks From Our Daily Newsletter Service

(Based on 100K account - 200 shares per trade) 

It's Not Just a Course! You Will Get Non-Stop Support & Continuing Education!



FREE access to our "Community Forumwhere new information and updates are constantly being added by TradeSimple and our members!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The main mission and focus of the Trade-Simple Stock Trading Course is to get the education discipline and expertise on how to become successful stock traders.

Day Trader Strategy

US Stock Exchanges are open Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM till 4:00 PM, however most of our trigger points for long and short stock entries will happen during the morning hours.

For open profitable positions we'll let it ride to accumulate more profits until our profit target is reached.

Swing Trader Strategy

Only 15 minutes a day is required to search for new opportunities and manage open positions.

9 hours for the main 4 steps lessons - Plus additional hours as we may add over time.

Yes! The price is $4,999 for complete training coaching and support, send email to [email protected] if interested.

Price Includes our 11 hour Online Trading Course, ($1,499 Value) Plus 12 months of our Daily Newsletter & Stock List Service ($1,499 value)


$5,000 for the Swing Trader Strategy.

$30,000 for the Day Trader Strategy.

In order for your account to be assigned as a Pattern Day Trader (PDT) a minimum of $25,000 must be maintained.

It's highly recommended to start with $50,000 for the Day Trader Strategy .

Yes and No!! Yes - If someone engages in the market without the proper training practice and experience. No - If rules are followed and proper risk management and loss protections are in place.

If you consider trading to be gambling then its probably so for you. Only enter when you have been convinced trading to be a professional career where extensive training and practice is needed to succeed like any other professional endeavor. 

Anyone who possesses the following strength points can succeed.

  • Don’t lose money EVEN IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. (as explained in the course)
  • Must be able to follow rules exactly as outlined in the course.
  • Able to focus on a computer in a quiet environment. (this business can be boring for some)
  • Can control emotions by staying calm and cool. (don’t be too upset with some hardships, and don’t be so excited and confident when things go your way)
  • Be consistent no matter what. (as explained in the course)

The course includes a complete step-by-step guide to follow, how and when someone should start to engage the market in real time, one must take the proper education and practice beforehand. DON'T LOSE MONEY!

12 Hours Stock Trading Course For Just $999



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12 Hours Stock Trading Course For Just $999