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"I would like to thank you for the amazing course which is truly professional, and basically giving me the full tool-kit for Amazon sales. I would highly suggest for all those using your course to continuously review the lessons again and again as every time I understand better each feature, and it really helped me to luckily start my Amazon Brand"

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"I've been doing the advertising Technic (sponsored ads) for 2 weeks as you say, and saw great results, I could even sell like 20-30 pieces a day, I even reached the rank of 1700 which is super for this category"



"איך וויל מיר באדאנקען פאר די שיינע שיעורים אזוי פראפעסינאל אראפגעלייגט מיט אזא קלארקייט איך האף דאס אי"ה גאר שטארק צו רעקאמענדירן פאר אנדערע"



How Much Do You Want To Make Selling On Amazon?

Click here to help you set some goals. Divide the units per day to the amount of items you intend to sell...
For example! if your goal is to make close to $200,000 net profit a year, all it will take is to have 10 items - with a profit margin of a realistic 30% - with a retail per unit price of $22 - with an average of 8 units sold per item per day.

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